Moved to a Raspberry PI 4B to conserve power.

More TCP Issues

May 29th 2023, Midday Monday

After getting everything setup last night, it didn't work. I think I've ironed out most of the bugs, and am now only sending packets around 1kb each. The header image for this website is about 60kb, so it takes about 60 packets to send it, which is why it is slow.

Oh well, at least things are working, for now..

Quinn OS

May 28th 2023, Sunday Evening

So the plan is to move this website to my Quinn OS machine. I discovered some bugs in the networking code, one I was sending IP packets out of order and two I wasn't limiting the size of ethernet packets.

It's fixed now, so I can try running a real website on it... who knows how long it will last on port 80!

First Post

May 28th 2023, Sunday Afternoon

Experimenting with a really incomplete C++ static site generator. Trying to make it suit my purposes a little better.

This site will be about the things I am working on.. such as: Quinn OS, Talisman BBS and other crazyness.